Dear Mrs. Clinton – from Allen West

clintonThe Black Lives Matter movement, and the history of the Democratic Party with regard to black Americans has long troubled me. However, I haven’t written about it. Now, a man I greatly respect, Lt. Col. Allen West, has written a superb piece in the form of a commentary on Hillary Clinton’s comments following the race-motivated attack on police officers in Dallas. Continue reading

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Samaritan Lives Matter

bannerA friend of mine from New Zealand posted this today on Facebook. It is a very interesting read, but I feel compelled to add my own thoughts:

I understand what the writer is getting at, but I think it is a poor comparison. First of all, he writes that Jesus put a Samaritan in the story because “that saying ‘A Samaritan is my neighbor’ would stick in a Judean’s throat.” Then he writes that the saying “Black lives matter” has the same effect on “many white Americans.”

This is a poor generalization of white Americans, as racist views are demonstrably less prevalent in white Americans than they were even fifty years ago, making his statement racist by definition.

Additionally, he ignores the fact that Samaritans had just as much disdain for Jews as Jews had for Samaritans. Actually, here he may be closer than he realizes to the reality of race relations in and around the BLM movement.

Finally, Jesus and the BLM movement are placed on one side of the discussion, while Jews and white Americans are placed on the other. This is odd since the heads of movements focused on reforming and repairing race relations in America have been largely white, and largely Christian.

The Weekly Sift

Why don’t we say “All lives matter”? For the same reason Jesus’ parable isn’t called “The Good Person”.

The picture shows a Black Lives Matter banner put up by a Unitarian Universalist church in Reno. Someone has edited the sign in red paint, replacing black with white. In recent months it’s become a thing among liberal churches to put up BLM banners, and it’s become a thing among vandals to deface them.

Usually the unwanted edits aren’t as blatant as turning black to white. At my church in Bedford, Massachusetts, black was just painted out, leaving “Lives Matter”. No doubt the painter thought he had made an improvement, because “Lives Matter” is a true statement of broader applicability. Other banners are “improved” by changing black to all, yielding another true statement: “All Lives Matter”.

What’s wrong with that? As a matter of logic, “Lives Matter” and…

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Why God Allows Us to Suffer – a review

Throughout all of Christian history, the question of why God allows suffering has been wrestled with, prayed over, and addressed by Christian laymen and scholars. In Why God Allows Us to Suffer, author Kevin Tewes tries his hand at this age-old question. Unfortunately, his treatment of the issue is dissatisfying on aesthetic, literary, and theological grounds. Continue reading

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Thinking about Abortion


There has been a lot to follow in the news lately, from the scalesdebacle that is the Trump presidential run, to the criminal case against Hillary Clinton, to terror attacks around the world. During the last week of June, there was another important news piece that flared up briefly, only to quickly become lost in the never-ending blogroll that is modern media reporting. Continue reading

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The Patriot Principle takes to the airwaves – part 2

Well, if you tuned in this evening to Gator’s Radio Experience on 1430 KYKN, you got to hear our lively discussion of fireworks, politics, and my article “The Party Left Me.”

If you didn’t, here’s the audio from that show. The whole show was a blast and is definitely worth listening to, as is Hour 2, available here, but the discussion of my article begins at 17:55. Enjoy!

Christopher Ray on Gator’s Radio Experience
Radio 2

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The Patriot Principle takes to the airwaves

Radio 2

That’s right, everybody! Tonight, July 5th, I’ll be on the air as guest of Gator’s Radio Experience on Salem’s 1430 KYKN. This is a great radio show. I listen to it nearly every day.

Tune in for the first hour of the show, from 4-5PM Pacific Time as we discuss one of my recent articles. Then stick around for the second half of the show as Gator and Denise discuss the important political issues of the day.

So, if you’re in the Salem, OR area, tune your AM dial to 1430 or, no matter where you are, listen live at Just click “Listen Live” at the top of the page.


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If You Can Keep It – a review

This last week I had the pleasure of Metaxasreading If You Can Keep It, the
latest book from renowned author Eric Metaxas.[1] Metaxas is a #1 New York Times best-selling author, best known for biographies of such greats as Dietrich Bonhoeffer and William Wilberforce. An acclaimed speaker and cultural commentator, he is also the host of a syndicated daily radio show, The Eric Metaxas Show. In this latest book, he examines the fundamentals of American liberty, offering a critique and recommendations on how “we the people” can safeguard this precious gift.

Continue reading

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