The Great Compromise – When Good Men Support Donald Trump



As a Christian, who holds traditionally conservative values, and who supports a biblical worldview, this presidential election has been the most troubling I have ever seen. Continue reading

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What’s at Stake when the Church Supports Trump?


Shouldn’t the Church be more concerned with making America good again, rather than making her great again?


Samuel Whitefield

Pastor and teacher Samuel Whitefield penned an article this summer that is, perhaps, one of the best treatises written directly to members of the Christian faith that I have seen this election cycle. Continue reading

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What do you do when you can’t vote for the lesser of two evils?

repubdemo2This election has been one of the most polarizing in recent history. Rife with insults, name-calling, and scandal trading, it has gone much deeper, creating schisms within the Republican and Democratic parties themselves. Continue reading

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If You’re On the Fence – a response to Dr. Jim Garlow

Clinton, Trump pick up big wins

“If we must have an enemy at the head of government let it be one whom we can oppose, and for whom we are not responsible.” – Alexander Hamilton

A friend sent me a recent article by Dr. Jim Garlow, pastor of San Diego’s Skyline Church, addressing the reasons one might vote for Donald Trump, and the reasons he believes it is imperative that we do. What follows are the points Dr. Barlow makes in his article, and my responses to them.

Continue reading

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Stop fighting each other!  – a Call for Conservative Unity

Over the last several months I, and many others, have worked to bring conservatives together. Those who supported the presidential bids of Marco Rubio, of John Kasich, of Ted Cruz, and of many others, have coalesced into a movement Continue reading

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Lessons Learned at Volleyball Practice


The other day, I took my daughter to her volleyball lesson and ended up getting a lesson of my own. Continue reading

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Dear Mrs. Clinton – from Allen West

clintonThe Black Lives Matter movement, and the history of the Democratic Party with regard to black Americans has long troubled me. However, I haven’t written about it. Now, a man I greatly respect, Lt. Col. Allen West, has written a superb piece in the form of a commentary on Hillary Clinton’s comments following the race-motivated attack on police officers in Dallas. Continue reading

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