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Lessons Learned at Volleyball Practice

The other day, I took my daughter to her volleyball lesson and ended up getting a lesson of my own. Continue reading

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Dear Mrs. Clinton – from Allen West

Hillary Clinton, along with her fellow white liberal progressive cohorts and black liberal socialist modern plantation overseers, will never address these four points presented. What they want are victims; dependency. Continue reading

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Samaritan Lives Matter

Originally posted on The Weekly Sift:
Why don’t we say “All lives matter”? For the same reason Jesus’ parable isn’t called “The Good Person”. The picture shows a Black Lives Matter banner put up by a Unitarian Universalist church in…

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Why God Allows Us to Suffer – a review

Why God Allow Us to Suffer simply does not pass muster, and I cannot recommend it. Continue reading

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Thinking about Abortion

This paper looks at abortion from a decidedly pro-life perspective, but in it I seek to show that there are many reasons for us, especially Christians, to oppose abortion other than the typical “life begins at conception” argument. Continue reading

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The Patriot Principle takes to the airwaves – part 2

Well, if you tuned in this evening to Gator’s Radio Experience on 1430 KYKN, you got to hear our lively discussion of fireworks, politics, and my article “The Party Left Me.” If you didn’t, here’s the audio from that show. … Continue reading

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The Patriot Principle takes to the airwaves

That’s right, everybody! Tonight, July 5th, I’ll be on the air as guest of Gator’s Radio Experience on Salem’s 1430 KYKN. This is a great radio show. I listen to it nearly every day. Tune in for the first hour of … Continue reading

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