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Kendal Unruh leads a Mighty Revolt

The primaries are a preference poll, which advises the delegates of the preferences of their constituencies. The delegates MUST make up their own minds. Continue reading

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The Party Left Me

This was not a decision I made lightly, and I don’t begrudge those who think differently their right to vote their consciences. In fact, if they did anything other than voting their conscience, they would not, in my mind, be doing their duty as Americans. Continue reading

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Believers, Thinkers, and Founders – a review

Believers, Thinkers, and Founders is an excellent book with enough scholarship to make it a formidable tool in discussions of faith in the public square, and enough simple clarity to make it accessible to those outside formal academia. Continue reading

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Beloved Mess – a review

We all need to be reminded from time to time of the radical love of God, and this book does that very well. Continue reading

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The Disgusting Liberal Response to Orlando

“There is a time to respond to the clear and present danger
of an aggressive enemy. That enemy is ISIS and that time is now.” Continue reading

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The Passionate Intellect – a review

While the intellectual rigor of some of the chapters may prove daunting for some, the whole of the book is an excellent primer for theological and cultural engagement for those who have the appetite. Continue reading

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The Reluctant Annihilationist – a personal journey

The prospect of standing on what I had become convinced was the most biblical view, against a sea of friends, family, and mentors who would likely think I’d lost my proverbial marbles, was daunting. Continue reading

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