Why I am an Egalitarian

As a student of theology and history, I have had the privilege of engaging theological opinions that are very diverse and, often, at odds with “the way I was raised.” Just as some denominations use theological distinctives to clarify their identity, I began some time ago to self-identify myself in terms of categories of theological thought. Continue reading

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On the air for St. Patrick’s Day


Yesterday, I had the pleasure of returning to the airwaves with my good friends, Gator and Denise, over at KYKN Radio. I’ve been on with them several times before, here, and here are a couple of the segments. Continue reading

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Today I began reading Psalm 25, and I was stopped dead in my tracks by verse 3: “Indeed, none of those who wait for You will be ashamed.” I thought of how “waiting” is characteristic of God’s people, Continue reading

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Providence and Poppery – The Siege of Louisbourg in the Preaching of Jonathan Edwards and George Whitefield


The Siege of Louisbourg, by Larry Ostola (1758)


In the mid-eighteenth century, the American continent was a hotbed of conflict. By the mid-1740s, the British had strengthened their hold on the northeastern part of the continent, expelling the Spanish and the Portuguese from modern-day New York and Delaware, and their sights were set on dominance of the eastern seaboard. Continue reading

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A Girl, a Lion, and a King

At the beginning of this year, I was prompted to read C.S. Lewis’ The Chronicles of Narnia. I’d read some of them before, but have never read the entire series. Continue reading

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The Great Compromise – When Good Men Support Donald Trump



As a Christian, who holds traditionally conservative values, and who supports a biblical worldview, this presidential election has been the most troubling I have ever seen. Continue reading

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What’s at Stake when the Church Supports Trump?


Shouldn’t the Church be more concerned with making America good again, rather than making her great again?


Samuel Whitefield

Pastor and teacher Samuel Whitefield penned an article this summer that is, perhaps, one of the best treatises written directly to members of the Christian faith that I have seen this election cycle. Continue reading

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